Courtney James Tanya & Abbey Brooks

If you cum on by for a round of truth or dare with these first time lesbians, we promise there won't be any losers! Cum on - I dare you to watch these three gorgeous babes, in HD porn quality, get off until waves of pleasure wash over them and take over all of your senses!See full-length episode at

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Harmony & Erikce - V2

Erikce has been curious about Harmony's body for a long time, and although we've convinced them to help us with our movie, Harmony isn't into ladies at all. Luckily for us, Ericke is quite a persuasive babe! Watch how Erikce slowly coaxes Harmony out of her clothes, and finagles her way up her friend's tight snatch! See full-length episode at

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Dirty Dancer - V2

Hola muchachos and welcome to a new year of lesbification! Sexy Sativa snared sexy strpper Mindy and went right to work showin' off her pussy proficiency and giving those sexy curves the attention they deserved! Watch our newest vagitarian in this one! See full-length episode at

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Emanuelle & Angel - V2

Eager Emmanuelle is ready for some hot action with Angel. Emmanuelle is wet and horny, she masturbates to women and now wants to experience some real action for the first time. This naughty little Montreal vixen is ready to share this experience with everyone, so let's get the show on the road! See full-length episode at

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Mutual Attraction

Denisa and Linda take it slow, gently and tenderly coaxing each other through foreplay and a whimsical, playful bubble bath on their way to multiple quivering orgasms. See full-length episode at

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Angela James

Jewels retained Angela for some tutoring on sales technique to help her move up the corporate ladder. A pair of conspicuously placed dildos got Angela a little distracted, though, and led to a whole different kind of instruction... See full-length episode at

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Lesbians Warm Up

It's a cold day, and neither Kattie nor Michelle is dressed for being outside in a miniskirt, so they head indoors for some coffee. A fortuitous drop of a napkin leads to a game of "Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine," and pretty soon, there's something a whole lot hotter than coffee being served up in that cafe.... See full-length episode at

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Lexi Belle & Karlie Montana

Any day that involves watching Lexi Belle perform is a good day -- and all the better if she happens to be doing her thing with the equally delectable Karli Montana! If there's a girl in porn who has more fun doing her job (or doing Karli) than Lexi, I haven't seen her yet. See full-length episode at

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Destiny & Eva get Storm’d

Eva Angelina teams up with gal pals Destiny Dixon and Lyla Storm for a lesbian three-way that will leave you as drained and satisfied as it did the three ladies themselves. The orgasms are frequent and intense -- the "O face" Eva makes while riding the strap-on and stimulating her clit with the vibrator is particularly priceless. See full-length episode at

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Setting VIctoria a Blaze

Victoria and Daisy indulge in each others' lithe bodies, smooth, perfect flesh and tight wet pussies. Watching Victoria lick Daisy's pussy from behind is something I could do all day! See full-length episode at

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