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Just a bit of sweet teen shaved pie is enough for our Continental starlets to arrange a tutoring for. In this racy scene they chow down on and handfuck their own and each other’s eager and tasty fuck-pies until the locker room echoes with their sexed-up moans.

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Georgia Larin & Tiffany

Innocent Georgia thinks she's meeting Larin and Tiffany for a modeling job. They definitely wanted her see her body... but she didn't expect them to want to feel and taste it too! It was easy to get her naked but it took a little sultry girl on girl seduction to convince her to savor her first time lesbian orgasm!See full-length episode at clubgirlgirl.com.

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Homework Session Turns Into Sex Toy Party For 2!


Jane and Tori get together to go over their Math homework. But Tori gets carried away with smelling Jane’s fragrance, and instantly gets turned on. In moments, the homework’s forgotten and these girlfriends are diving for each other’s snatches! And conveniently, one of them has a plastic cock which they don’t hesitate to plug into one another’s hole!


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Video Games Shoot Cunt-Hungry Neighbors Into Screwing Each other

Playing video games may be tough on the eyes, but they sure came in pretty useful for our lovebirds here. They both seem to be tomboyish, but turn into pussy lovers once they get to tongue-sampling and sticking extra-long dildoes up their kitty-kitties. Get ahold of this action-packed episode now!

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Blonde’s Ebony Study Buddy Dives Into Her Snug Dirty Hole With Swiveling Vibrator

Bo and Michelle roll lustfully all around the cushion as they explore each other’s hungry coochie clams with their silky fingers, trembling tongues, and outsized vibrator. How can their class assignment ever compare to the sheer sexual pleasure they get from diddling each other?

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Patient Puts Nurse Under Vibrator Therapy

After Nurse Lindsay makes her pussy happy with some vibratin’ lovin’, Suzy returns the favor and stuffs that still-soaked dildo up her nurse’s love-hole. She drills the toy so well that her lover practically goes gaga in orgasmic pleasure! You’ll love every sigh, moan and scream Nurse Lindsay makes in this episode.




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Lusty Nurse Administers Rod Treatment To Hot Babe!

After learning that sexy patient Suzy’s burning up, Nurse Lindsay kissed her all over and made her feel better. But the treatment isn’t over, as our fired-up nurse still wants to make sure that her patient feels totally well. And what else would Lindsay give her sweet Suzy but a wild dildo pumping right up her slick twat!

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Jordan Penny & Sammie

Sammie walks in on Penny and Jordan making out and blows up in passionate jealousy. Penny eases Sammies jealousies and gets her to join in on a threeway lesbian fuck fest. The girls take advantage of Jordan's hot ass, have a steamy make out session, and Sammie rides Jordan hard with a strap on making for some incredible first time lesbian Porn!See full-length episode at clubgirlgirl.com.

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Cheerleaders Trade Pompoms And Pussy Licking In Secret Party!

It’s funny when boredom kicks in. Take a look at tasty cheerleaders Kitty and Muffy. With nothing (and no one) to do, they challenge each other to flash their pussies and face-dive into those bald crotches! But it looks like they invited a few more guests to the party after all: a pair of huge lucite dildos!

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Novice Girl-Lover Gets Tea, Sympathy, and Pussy Pie!

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When Linda’s straight love life falls apart, her best chum Michele comforts her with a shoulder to cry on…and a huge cock to strap on! Tears of heartbreak turn into gasps of pleasure as Michele introduces Linda to the joys of girl-on-girl grinding. This episode shows us that sometimes, all a lady needs is another female to fill the void in her heart and the space in her snatch as well!

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